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Ph.D. in Political Science (2013), Autonomous University of Barcelona.


   Dissertation title: “The Rhythm of Modernization. Contextual Effects and Within-Cohort Value Change”.  

   Director: Eva Anduiza.

   Committee members: Willem Saris, Martin Kroh, and José Ramón Montero.

   Summa Cum Laude with European Doctor distinction.


MRes in Political Science (2007), Autonomous University of Barcelona.


Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Sociology (2000), University of Barcelona.


BA in Sociology (1999), University of Barcelona.


SPSS, SAS, Stata, LISREL, HLM, EViews, Mplus, R, Jamovi, NetLogo, Python and Matlab.

Work experience
Professional service




Head of Methodology and Research, Centre d’Estudis d’Opinió (the Catalan public polling center), Generalitat de Catalunya. (since 2023)


Adjunct professor, Open University of Catalonia UOC. (since 2018)

Lecturer, Public Administration School of Catalonia EAPC. (since 2010)





Senior reseacher, Centre d’Estudis d’Opinió (the Catalan public polling center), Generalitat de Catalunya. (2009-23)

Survey researcher, Centre d’Estudis d’Opinió (the Catalan public polling center), Generalitat de Catalunya. (2005-09)


Adj. professor, University of Barcelona, Dept. of Sociology. (since 2014-17) 

Adj. professor, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Department of Mathematics. (2010-11)


Adj. professor, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Department of Political Science. (2008-09)


Research assistant, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Dept. of Political Science. (2003-04)


TMR visiting scholar, Mannheim Center for European Social Research (MZES), University of Mannheim (Germany). Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hermann Schmitt. (2001-02)


Sociologist, Center for Economic and Social Research of Catalonia (CRESC-UGT) (2000-01)


Research assistant, University of Barcelona, Department of Sociology and Organizational Analysis. (1999-00)


Referee for:

American Political Science Review

British Journal of Political Science

Political Psychology

Public Opinion Quarterly

European Journal of Political Research

European Societies

Social Indicators Research

International Political Science Review

Social Science Research

European Political Science Review

Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology

Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties

International Journal of Public Opinion Research

Political Studies Review

Publius: The Journal of Federalism 

Journal of Institutional Economics

Acta Politica


Politics, Culture, and Socialization

Revista Española de Ciencia Política 



Democracy, Elections, and Citizenship (GR-UAB)

European Political Science Association

European Survey Research Association

World Association of Public Opinion Research

Cultural Evolution Society

Asociación Española de Ciencia Poítica

Additional training

Research and Expertise Center for Survey Methodology (RECSM-UPF)


· "Introduction to Data Science for Politics" (12h)

· "Modeling Vote Choice: New and Old Approaches" (6h)

· "Latent Trait and Latent Class Analysis for Cross-National Surveys (10h)

· "Bayesian Modeling" (10h)

· “Field Experiments: Design, Analysis and Interpretation” (15h)

· “My first Bayes. How to run your first Bayesian model” (15h)

· “Continuous time modeling of panel data by means of structural equation modeling” (15h)

· “Evaluation and improvement of survey questions using Survey Quality Prediction (SQP)” (15h)

· “Statistical methods for policy evaluation and causal inference in observational studies” (15h)

· “Probability sampling vs. non-probability sampling: What should we use and why” (15h)

· “Strategies in comparative analysis: Multi-level, multi-group and dummy approaches” (15h)

· “Attitudes and their measurement using subjective reference points” (15h)

· “Four different reasons why one will find two factors for One dimensional concept” (4h)

· “Embedding experiments in surveys” (4h)


Universitat Pompeu Fabra


· “Growth Modeling, Survival Analysis, and Missing Data Analysis using Mplus” (15h) B. Muthén

· “Estimating Treatment Effects: Methods for Non-Randomized Interventions” (20h)

· “Structural Equation Modeling” (35h) W. Saris

· “Design, Evaluation, and Analysis of Questionnaires for Survey Research” (35h) W. Saris


European Survey Research Association


· “Multilevel Structural Equation Models”, Reikiavik 2015 (4h)

· “Latent Class Analysis for Survey Research”, Reikiavik 2015 (4h)

· “Survey Nonresponse: Reduction, Bias and Comparability”, Lausanne 2011 (4h)

· “Continuos Time Modeling of Panel Data”, Warsaw 2009 (4h)


Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis and Collection


· “Panel Data Analysis of Microdata”, 2009 (35h) Mark Bryan

· “Multilevel Models with Applications”, 2009 (35h) Coora Mas

· “Logit, Probit, and other Generalized Linear Models”, 2002 (35h) Tim Liao

· “Introduction to Regression”, 2002 (35h) Paul Whiteley


Escuela de Métodos y Análisis Sociopolíticos (EMAS), Universidad de Salamanca


· “Multilevel analysis”, 2008 (20h)

· “Time Series Analysis”, 2008 (20h)

· “Segmentation and Factor Analysis”, 2003 (20h)


Centre d’Estudis d’Opinió


· “Experiments per enquesta. Una introducció”, 2011 (3h) J. Muñoz


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


·  “Introduction to Big Data: Theory and methods for the analysis of digital data”, 2013 (15h)

· “Economic Voting and Election Forecasting”, 2010 (40h) M. Lewis-Beck


IVALUA – Institut Català d’Avaluació de Polítiques Públiques


·  “Avaluació de polítiques públiques” (CFAPP), 2009 (45h)


SPSS, Ibérica


· “Multinomial and Ordinal Logit Regression”, 2009 (7h)

· ”Cluster Analysis Techniques with SPSS”, 2007 (12h)


Col·legi de Sociòlegs i Politòlegs de Catalunya


· “Seminari per a usuaris avançats d’Excel”, 2008 (8h)


TMR Network Political Representation


· “The TMR Winter School in Comparative Electoral Research”, 2002, Université Catholique de Louvain (60h)


The Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Science Studies


· “Inequality in a Comparative Perspective”, 1999 (25h) Ch. Tilly

· “Cross-National Comparative Research into Electoral Behaviour and Political Representation”, 1999 (25h) H. Schmitt


Berkeley Summer Sessions, University of California at Berkeley


· “Sociology of Culture”, 1998 (160h) J. Stockinger



·  “Measuring Causal Effects”, University of Copenhaguen. Anders Holms (150h)

· “Questionnaire Desing for Social Surveys”, University of Michigan. F. Kreuter & F. Conrad (150h)

· “Democracia y decisiones públicas. Introducción al análisis de políticas públicas”, UAB. Joan Subirats et al. (150h)

· “Model Thinking”, University of Michigan. Scott E. Page (150h)

· “Social Epidemiology”, University of Minnesota. Michael Oakes (150h)

· “A Brief History of Humankind”, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Yuval Noah Harari (150h)

Santa Fe Institute - Complexity Explorer 

· “Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling", Bill Rand & Anamaria Berea (150h)

· “Fundamentals of NetLogo”, Bill Rand (150h)

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